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 My Story

Hi, I am Carlos!

I am a believer that everyone has something great to offer to the world. I am also a believer that most of us never find this greatness inside of ourselves because we spend most of our time trapped in a job we dislike or even hate.
I don’t know you yet, but I bet we have at least this in common: we don’t want to waste our lives doing something that has no meaning to us and we don’t care about.
The stressful routine, the same boring commute every single day and doing something that don’t make us feel excited to get out of bed in the morning slowly smash our souls over time until we reach the rock bottom.
I’ll never forget the frustration I felt one day when I was working at the office. I stood up to stretch out a bit. My desk was next to the window. It was mid-afternoon on a sunny spring day.
I remember looking out at the window and having this feeling, this deep sadness. I was in my twenties and I was doing something that I hated. Trading my time for a paycheck just to pay the bills and rewarding myself with some material stuff.
I felt like a slave, dressing fancy clothes, living like a robot, with the same routine, day after day. Not a slave of my boss, but a slave of that sick way of living.
I wasn’t even enjoying my free time with my family and friends anymore. My spark of life was vanishing while I was going down this road of a deep state of depression.
Having this moment of complete awareness of my current situation shocked me to the core.
I couldn’t continue that way. I didn’t want to wake up one day and regret that I did nothing about it at the right time.
So I started searching around on the Internet trying to find a solution to my problem. I didn’t know exactly what could be a way out of my current situation but I still kept going.
One day I stumbled across a workshop video series that explained how everyone willing to learn could start building an online business.
This online business education company had been teaching and supporting people in the process of starting and building successful online businesses for over a decade.
I immediately thought that that could be the solution to my problem. But at the same time, I had this self-defeating thought telling me I wouldn’t be able to do it. I didn’t have any kind of tech skills and I had never built any kind of business before.
I am so glad I didn’t hear to that thought. Those workshop video series were a turning point in my life. I found this amazing community of like-minded people, mentors, world-class education, and a ton of business building tools with clear instructions on exactly how to use them.
I am finally on my way to create a life of flexibility and fulfillment. Now I wake up every morning with this feeling of excitement. That is something beyond words that I feel deeply grateful about it, every single day.
There was a time when I felt completely alone on the pursuit of a better fulfilling life to myself. I thought there was no way out of the suffering I was feeling that time. But now I can tell I was not alone. There is a way out and a lot of people are creating a life on their own terms.
I set as my mission to present those same workshop video series to every motivated people like you that are committed to make a real change in their lives.
So, if you are anything like me and you are sick and tired of wasting your time doing something that you hate, trading your time for a paycheck and wasting your precious time on commute every day, enter your name and email address above and I will send you the exact same videos that gave me complete clarity of what are the opportunities available in today’s digital world and how we all can take advantage of them by creating our own online business.
I hope it empowers you to make some real changes in your own life. Now you know you are not alone on the pursuit of a more meaningful and fulfilled way of living. 
Thanks for your time. I’ll see you in your emails.

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